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Weight Loss Tips

Making better choices every day—that is what puts us on the right road in our wellness journeys.

02 07 18 FRIEDLI SOT VO 4.transfer 300x200 - Food, Exercise, Coffee Tips from Weight-loss ExpertsBut knowing which choices to make can be difficult. That’s why when two experts offer to spell out a few, we take them up on it.

A tip from Dr. Pat Friedli, from Munson Medical Center’s Healthy Weight Center, clarifies which daily habits make for the best healthy lifestyle. He even adds a number trick to remember them all.

“I give a little zip code—75210—each numbers stands for something we should strive for in our lifestyle. The seven is seven breakfasts a week. We need to eat breakfast every day, ideally something with protein, not high in carbs so much. Five is for five fruits and, or, vegetables a day. Again, a small salad a day with plenty of cut up vegetables would be really helpful to achieve that number. “The two would be two hours or less of consecutive screen time without moving, so it doesn’t count if it’s your job and you have to sit in front of a computer or you have to be in front of a console, or whatever, but people can sit in front of the T.V. for hours on end. Especially our children, so we need to be the bad cops and really say hey it’s time to get up from the video game and move. The one would be for one hour or more of physical movement. Physical activity is key to maintaining weight loss. Most weight loss is due to changing your nutrition, but to maintain that weight loss you have got to move. And the zero would be zero sugary drinks. There is so much sugar in a lot of drinks that don’t fill you up, but spike your insulin and stores the sugar as abdominal or visceral fat. We need to avoid those sugary drinks.”

Some people consider coffee to be the “nectar of the gods,” but many times “coffee” can be a lot more than that.  Blended, sweetened and decadent drinks are essentially desserts that add hundreds of calories to your day.

Wellness Consultant Brittany Miller offers a quick tip to get your caffeine fix without killing your diet.

“So a really good way to make healthy lifestyle changes without really noticing and without having that kind of shock to your taste buds is make them really gradually. So for example, you can go from drinking a sweetened coffee with cream and maybe whipped cream as well and you can slowly change and maybe the first step is adding one teaspoon of sugar instead of two and allowing your taste buds to get used to that. And once they’re kind of used to that, you can make another small step toward the right direction toward another half a teaspoon. Then once you get used to that, then you can switch from 2 percent to skim milk. Each little change is easier to get used to and more realistic for lasting behavioral change.”

02 07 18 BRITTANY SOT VO 4.transfer - Food, Exercise, Coffee Tips from Weight-loss Experts

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