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Here are 2 great exercise routines for fat people. A big mistake a lot of trainers and "weight loss experts" make is that they give 1-size fits all routines for everyone. Wrong … overweight people will often get injured on these type of programs. If you have more than 25 pounds to lose and you want a program that helps you lose weight fast and over the long term while minimizing the risk of injury, then this article may be the answer to what you're looking for.

Exercise Routines for Fat People

  1. Focus on just 1 exercise

    Look, right this minute, you're just trying to lose weight. Not have the best body in the world. So you do not need to do a bunch of different things. Instead, focus on 1 thing that is good for weight loss and make it work for you. This can be many things. Here are a few safe things for overweight people.

    Walking up and down stairs for 15 minutes non-stop, jumping on a mini-trampoline during 5 different tv commercial breaks, doing jumping jacks during tv commercial breaks, and walking on a 15 degree inclined treadmill for 25 minutes.

    Those are all great ways to lose weight while minimizing your injury risks.

  2. Take 2 exercises and jump back and forth between them

    You can take the above exercises I mentioned and switch up between them. Say for example … during 1 commercial break you'll walk up and down the stairs in your house. Ok, then the next commercial break you'll do jumping jacks in front of the tv. And so on. You can spread out the workouts … they do not have to be during consecutive commercial breaks. Just sneak them in wherever it works for you.

These are 2 exercise routines for fat people that are proven to work and they will not put any undue injury risks on you.

Source by Jennifer Jolan

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